We NEED a wagon!!

Meet Bryan! This adorable little guy is just shy of his 2nd birthday and he has literally been bound to his hospital bed lying flat 24 hours/day, 7 days/week for almost the past 2 months…We need your help to change this! We are seeking a “Alligator Wunderwagon- HC with IV Trailer” that will allow Bryan and other children in the future with serious medical needs to leave their rooms.

  • 105% Funded
  • $680.00 Funded
  • 0 Hours to Go

18 Hours of Music Lessons at Duke Children’s Hospital!

Your support of our Music Education Campaign will ensure that pediatric patients at Duke get to experience the transformative and positive power of music while they’re undergoing treatment for cancer and other serious illnesses. $25 sponsors one hour of quality music lessons (guitar, percussion, singing, and songwriting) for young patients and their families at Duke.

  • 100% Funded
  • $500.00 Funded
  • 0 Hours to Go
UNC Child Unit-2

Give Games to Mental Health Children

Working in a psychiatric unit, we come across many children who have issues with socialization. The cause and effects of poor socialization fall under a wide…

  • 100% Funded
  • $500.00 Funded
  • 0 Hours to Go

Knowledge is Power!

Help us build a library so our adolescent inpatients & their families can reach EMPOWERMENT through EDUCATION!

  • 104% Funded
  • $520.00 Funded
  • 0 Hours to Go
Grace copy

Teddy bears for UNC Children’s Hospitals

It is our goal to give kids at the Children’s Intermediate Cardiac Care Unit at UNC Children’s Hospital TEDDY BEARS! They’re cute, we promise! $3.50 provides a teddy bear to a kid…

  • 100% Funded
  • $350.00 Funded
  • 0 Hours to Go
music therapy

Music Therapy Instruments at UNC!

Music therapy is proven to be very beneficial in helping hospitalized children express their emotions, cope with their medical condition and treatment, and decrease pain. Help us provide more instruments to…

  • 104% Funded
  • $520.00 Funded
  • 0 Hours to Go
Ethan with Teri

iTouch playkits at Miami Children’s Hospital

Technology, as a means of support, may be used to physiologically improve patients’ conditions! Fund play kits for patients in the Emergency Department at Miami…

  • 5% Funded
  • $50.00 Funded

20 Hours of Art Therapy at Seattle Children’s Hospital

Recent data suggests that art therapy programs may result in shorter hospital stays, less need for medication, and fewer complications for patients. Seattle Children’s Hospital asked for more hours of art therapy for…

  • 24% Funded
  • $100.00 Funded
hoopin with nolan

A place to play at Duke Children’s Hospital.

There’s a playground at Duke Children’s Hospital that children don’t really play on (it’s not exactly inviting). And when hospitalized children play, they also heal. So let’s restore this playground. Let’s add seating…

  • 18% Funded
  • $275.00 Funded